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Worf Haha he39s the best Kirk Spock and the Doc t
Vulcan pickup lines [fixed] ...
Oh goodness, there are three fandoms in this post: LOTR, Trekkies, and Kirk and Spock just happen to be outfits which remind me of Arthur and Merlin!!!
Star Trek, Captain Kirk, Spock
At this moment Bones just said 'Spock, do me a favor, and don't say it's fascinating.' And Spock's about to say 'No doctor, but it is... interesting' and ...
Star Trek Beyond - Kirk, Spock & Bones
I don't even watch Star Trek and this is awesome :) The song is The Joker by the Steve Miller Band. Go and listen to it... Now.
Star Trek: The Original Series < < everybody is so sassy in this xD
Bwaahh, ha, ha, ha, ha! Captain Kirk was a super-stud, male slut. That's part of why we love him.
Star Trek - Kirk, McCoy & Spock. "...Damn it, Jim! -I'm a Doctor, not a Teddy Bear!"
Our terrific trio - Spock, Kirk, and McCoy.
Today is a good day to Dye -Loreal because you're Worf it
Kirk agrees. That's all well and good and nice. But, the thing I love about this is when Spock suddenly turns to McCoy and says, "I also request that McCoy ...
Spock's got the moves
"Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a magician!" I love William Shatner. He can humor himself. He is a very versatile person. "
Words of wisdom from Mr. Spock
Ha ha! So true, I didnt realize this til now. Star Trek Reboot
Oh..I can.
Where Were The TOS Crew During The Events of 'Star Trek: Discovery'?
Poor Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock
James T Kirk, Spock And Kirk, Star Trek 2009, Leonard Nimoy, Fandoms
'Star Trek: Discovery' Showrunners Drop Season 2 Hints, Talk Cementing Canon, and Spock
Zachary Quinto And Chris Pine's Bromance Is The Best Bromance
Spock & McCoy Hehe I could see that happening
William Shatner Says He Is 'Perfectly Fit' To Return As Kirk For More Star Trek
Click For The Crew Click for the Bridge Click for Kirk on Ice Click for a bad day on the USS Kelvin
Star Trek Red Shirt Fail Magnet. Kirk, Spock, McCoy
Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Finale Sarek Saru
Ok. So I ain't no Kirk/Spock shipper...but this is fucking hilarious :D
Star Trek Into Darkness - Spock and Kirk
A Kirk/Spock Blog Star Trek Episodes, Star Trek Original Series, The Final
star trek spock leonard nimoy leonard mccoy deforest kelley captain kirk william shatner star trek tos James T.
T'hy'la: a Vulcan word meaning friend, brother or lover.
I said this to my younger sibling, he didn't understand a word I
does he need a reason, of course not just look at him ;)
OMG, Kirk and Spock have a SAFE Word!!! It's like a dream come true
Make It So: This two-hour premiere is bogged down a bit by a languid pace, way too much exposition, and a plot that isn't actually all that interesting.
Spock: "Whom are we impersonating, Captain?" Kirk: "I'm not sure. Be quiet and I'll try to wing this." McCoy: "I'm a doctor, not an actor.
Star Trek Beyond Spoiler Discussion
Hemsworth returning as George Kirk
This introduction confirmed the previous rumors, Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to Star Trek, reprising his iconic role as Jean Luc-Picard.
Kirk and Spock jointed paper doll parts. by MadunTwoSwords on DeviantArt
Worf.... Haha he's the best! Funny Star Trek, Star Trek
Spock erotic star trek original series I never really thought of Nimoy as sexy, but
y'all laugh but he's literally making this face because some lady stole spock's brain
Star Trek: 2009 ~ the "new" Captain Kirk, Chris Pine Star Trek
A great Star Trek poster of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scottie, and Chekov
Star Trek Humor | Mr. Spock | Don't Smoke, Live Long &
Pike and Spock from “The Cage”
The friendship between Kirk and Spock (I have been, and always shall be!) isn't a really a bromance. So much of it is based on bridging their differences.
Captain James T. Kirk. One if my work costumes. I got the shirt
Seth MacFarlane Oscars
And to answer your question it is a GIMP work-up based on ...
Cast and producers for Star Trek: Discovery press conference at New York Comic Con 2017
Funny clean Star Trek memes, Chris Pine, Spock, Kirk, Next Generation, Data, Khan, Picard, Leonard Nemoy, William Shatner, technology from Star Trek in real ...
Star Trek the Next Generation: L'oreal because you're Worf it.
Typical worf...klingon... Stick him with a ferengi... Like ds9! :-)
I just pinned a Star Trek quote... Admitting I'm a trekky
William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek (1966-69, NBC) | Trekky, Geeky, Things | Pinterest | Star Trek, Trek and Spock
Warp speed Thor and a Tarantino space romp: where can Star Trek boldly go next? | Film | The Guardian
Though Spock's vegetarian sushi bar wasn't a big hit either. Spock Funny,
Autobiographies of the Enterprise crew
McCoy, Kirk and Spock. And look who gets Top Billing!
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home - Incognito
Star Trek
Leonard… James… Akaar
Chris pine & zachary quinto bromance <3 love these two! #spock #kirk
Star Trek, Star Wars, the avengers, teen wolf, hunger games, supernatural, Harry potter, the hobbit, doctor who, Sherlock
I've never seen Star Trek, but I know the premise of it and I watched the Wiggles all the time when I was younger. THIS IS PERFECT
Kirk/Spock Facepalm Spock, Star Trek
Star Trek the Original Series, Spock's Brain, season 3
Early, more emotional Spock
Star Trek Word Search : Printables for Kids – free word search puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities
Star Trek Spock, Star Trek Tv, New Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr
Literally describes Sherlock and John, Dean and Cas, & Kirk and Spock.
Spock isn't Spock yet in "The Cage"
Star Trek - James 'Jim' Kirk x Commander Spock - Spirk
That awkward moment when Kirk has to explain Spock's appearance to Americans in the 1930's.
James T. Kirk & Leonard H. McCoy & Spock || McSpirk || Star Trek
Spirk IM Convo Kirk + Spock 7 by ~ConceptJunkie124 on deviantART Spock, Ship,
How to Draw the Star Trek Triumvirate Starship Enterprise, The Final Frontier, Star Trek
Haha I remember us saying that! Star Trek Jokes, Funny Star Trek, Spock
Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek Beyond
I Only Work In Outer Space." - Captain Kirk White Screenprint Black T-shirt Combed Ringspun Cotton) Designed & screen printed by RAYGUN Cut & sewn ...
APEX FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Christopher Couser, DC 303-
I'm So Cute I Made Spock Smile... Almost!
Warps and all: has Star Trek Discovery been a voyage worth taking? | Culture | The Guardian
... instrument in the Sickbay?
aneoilist: Kirk/Spock/McCoy
Star Trek, season 2, Obsession
Khan Noonien Singh, Spock, James T. Kirk || Star Trek AOS
'Star Trek: Discovery' Designers Discuss Modern Look For USS Enterprise, Reveal Alternative Designs And More
Star trek seat belts airbags enterprise captain Kirk mr. Spock Star Trek Tos, Star
Captain Kirk and Mr Spock (click to enlarge)
But this is a person who left Mudd behind, who left Cornwell to be kidnapped by Klingons, who showed absolutely no evidence of sympathy for the tardigrade, ...