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Pin by Erin G on Lucente (루첸트) in 2018 | Pinterest | Hero, Kpop and Rapper
#Lucente #Bao #Kpop #루첸트 | Lucente (루첸트) in 2018 | Pinterest | Bao, Kpop and Pop
Pin by Sonali Vyas on Lucente in 2018 | Pinterest | Kpop, Twitter and Bao
... kpop groups d.i.p and underdog, loves surfing the web, having some alone time and reading, favorite color is yellow and other calm colors, his charming ...
fun facts: used to be in kpop group onevoices which debuted in 2015 but disbanded, was under mmo entertainment, participated in produce 101 season 2, ...
fun facts: used to be under my star media in kpop group n2, was a model, enjoys watching movies, his charming point is his sense of humor
None ...
... was under noga entertainment in kpop group lucente, favorite color is blue, his charming point is his mouth, likes watching movies and gaming
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LUCENTE Future, Other Countries, Beautiful, Taiwan, World, Girl Group,
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