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Hantaro Nagaoka August 15 1865 December 11 1950
Hantaro Nagaoka (August 15, 1865 – December 11, 1950) Contribution: postulates a "Saturnian" (flat rings of electrons revolving around a positively charged ...
Hantaro Nagaoka
J.J Thomson was born on the 18th December 1856 and died on the 30 August 1940. What discovery on the atom is the scientist noted for?
93 Came up with a solar system model of the atom before Rutherford did! Hantaro Nagaoka August 19, 1865 – December 11, 1950 ...
2 Born: August 15, 1865 in Nagasaki, japan Died: December 11, 1950 in Tokyo, ...
Kotaro Honda - Kotaro Honda
Ernest Rutherford
Hantaro Nagaoka: A Japanese Physicist
John Dalton - Dalton by Charles Turner after James Lonsdale (1834, mezzotint)
Robert Brown lived December 21st 1773 to June 10th 1858 in Scotland and England. Botanist Robert Brown performed an experiment where pollen grains were put ...
Order of Culture
Niels Bohr
Hantaro Nagaoka Aug 15, 1865-Dec 11, 1950.
James Chadwick
4 Presented ...
John Dalton - Dalton in later life by Thomas Phillips, National Portrait Gallery, London
One World or None
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Hantaro Nagaoka's Profile Photo
Chozaburo Kusumoto
Antoine Lavoisier
Hantaro Nagaoka. Hantaro Nagaoka. Hantaro Nagaoka was born on August 15, 1865 and died December 11, 1950 ...
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier
Erwin Schrodinger
5 Why ...
Geiger–Marsden experiment - Ernest Marsden
Einstein prooves the existence of atoms with Math
Saturnian Atomic model
Koganei Yoshikiyo
Boris Rosing
Ernest Rutherford Presented by Troy Leonard. Birthday Born- August 30 1871 Born- August
Heizō Takenaka - Image: Heizo Takenaka in 2006
Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson,(August 30, 1871 – October 19, 1937), widely referred to as Lord Rutherford, was a nuclear physicist who ...
6 Electrons Outside an Atom
Harukazu Nagaoka
7 Renouncing ...
Tadamitsu Kishimoto - Image: Crafoordpriset 2009 press conference 07
Shigeo Satomura - Image: Shigeo Satomura
Jaak Aaviksoo - Image: Jaak Aaviksoo
On This Day in Math - August 15
Jean Baptiste Perrin - Jean Perrin in 1908
Toshio Hirano - Image: Crafoordpriset 2009 press conference 20
Jesse Beams (December Contribution: His work was important in discovering the most efficient method of the separation of uranium isotopes.
Heizō Takenaka - Heizō Takenaka, 2008.
Shinzo Shinjo - Image: Shinzo Shinjo
Moeko Nagaoka
Geiger–Marsden experiment - Hans Geiger
Makoto Kobayashi (physicist) - Kobayashi in 2008
Opal Whiteley - open to read the fascinating story of Opal Whiteley!!
Ernest Rutherford Aug 30, 1871- Oct 19, 1937.
Francis William Aston (1 September 1877 – 20 November 1945) Contribution: Discovered existence
Izuo Hayashi - Image: Izuo Hayashi
Hantaro was born August 15, 1865; He died December 11, 1950 in Tokyo; His nationality is Japanese. 3.
624-574 BC Thales of Miletus Says that water is simple because it could
Toshihide Maskawa - Maskawa in 2008
Go Nagaoka
Masatoshi Ōkōchi - Image: Masatoshi Okochi
Radiation The emission of energetic particles The study of it and the processes that produce it
Died 15 Aug 1910 at age 59 (born 22 Dec 1850). quotes. Russian chemist who, while working for Ira Remsen on coal tar compounds, discovered saccharin ...
Myrtle Bachelder, University of Chicago Professor who lived and died in Chicago. Worked on the Manhattan Project.
Pierre Curie
On This Day in Math - December 11
Benjamin Lacombe - YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD!! He makes art like no other, love
Leo Esaki - Leo Esaki in 1959
Notable scholars/scientists[edit]
Nagaoka Paige And Lexi
Takaaki Kajita - Takaaki Kajita, Nobel Laureate in physics in Stockholm December 2015
Keiichi Aichi - Image: Keiichi Aichi
Hidetsugu Yagi - Image: Hidetsugu Yagi
Nagaoka (crater)
Torahiko Terada
Ernest Rutherford in 1892
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Albert Einstein in his Annus Mirabilis year, 1905. Fig. 3 James Chadwick,
Timeline of Atomic Structure
Count Katō Komei, the 14th Prime Minister of Japan from 11 June 1924 until his death on 28 January 1926
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On This Day in Math - Aug 15
1951 The Soviet Union issued a postage stamp with a portrait of Sonya Kovalevskaya. *VFR
Nagaoka (crater) - Oblique Apollo 16 image, facing north
Ōmura, Nagasaki - Image: Omura Nagasaki chapter
Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein
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Ōmura, Nagasaki - Image: Omura City Office Nagasaki 2008
Ajip Rosidi - Image: Ajip Rosidi circa 1967
Nobel Laureates
Shibusawa Eiichi - Shibusawa Eiichi, 1st Viscount Shibusawa in New York City in 1915
Meteor burst communications
Kiyoshi Shiga
9 Hantaro Nagaoka ... 9 Hantaro Nagaoka ... Hantaro Nagaoka (August 15, 1865 – December 11, 1950) ...
Vitali Davidovich Milman (Hebrew: ויטלי מילמן ; Russian: Виталий Давидович Мильман) (born 23 August 1939) is a mathematician specializing in analysis.
Hantaro Nagaoka (1865–1950) was a famous Japanese physicist who contributed importantly to the atomic model. Nagaoka was born in Japan and had an education ...
artist - Wlad Safronow: For many years Wlad Safronow has been creating his own artistic
Kotaro Honda, Albert Einstein, Keiichi Aichi and Sirouta Kusukabe on the occasion of Einstein's